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Paramount help London go “Into Darkness” for Earth Hour

As London prepared to go ‘into darkness’ for WWF’s Earth Hour, Paramount Pictures pulled off an amazing light show to promote Star Trek Into Darkness: “This amazing light show by Paramount, in conjunction with Ars Electonica Futurelab & Ascending Technologies, will see quadrocopters fly into the night sky, forming the Star Trek federation logo besideContinue Reading

Star Trek Into Darkness likely name for Star Trek sequel

The new Star Trek sequel will be named Star Trek Into Darkness movie website JoBlo is reporting. “Paramount reportedly spent most of the summer testing different possible titles for J.J. Abrams’ hitherto-untitled sequel, and word from inside sources is that the studio has at last made its decision.” They are also reporting that Paramount has registeredContinue Reading

Art Streiber and Paramount’s 100th Anniversary Masterpiece

Art Streiber and Paramount’s 100th Anniversary Masterpiece

Anyone who’s anyone in Hollywood took to the stage for Vanity Fair’s class photo to mark Paramount studio’s 100th anniversary. Art Streiber’s stunning photo assembles “116 of the greatest talents ever to work at Paramount”, including Indiana Jones, Iron Man and the kids from Love Story and Grease. Vanity Fair’s website offers visitors the chance to poreContinue Reading